Are you unable to work due to a disability incurred through an unforeseen injury or illness? Are you currently navigating an SSI or SSDI application process that seems confusing or overwhelming? Have you previously applied for social security disability benefits, only to find your claim has been denied? Every day, Dedham residents who have become disabled find themselves facing an application process that seems intimidating. What’s more, applications are frequently denied upon first request. And it is not uncommon for applicants to feel a sense of guilt concerning their situation. Applicants may wonder if they are truly entitled to their SSI or SSDI benefits, and many fear they are requesting a “handout”

In truth, disabled residents of Dedham who require such benefits have already paid for these services through previous payroll deductions. Disabled Dedham residents who are eligible for SSI and SSDI have nothing to lose and everything to gain from applying for the benefits to which they are rightfully entitled. However daunting the process may seem, it is vital that you take swift and decisive action regarding your situation. Fortunately, Law Office Of Joel R Davidson is a law firm which specializes in SSI and SSDI applications and appeals. As the founder of Law Office Of Joel R Davidson, Mr. Davidson has over twenty two years of experience in championing the rights of Dedham clients. His grasp of the legal intricacies as they pertain to social security disability can provide an invaluable resource.

Because social security disability applicants may be at a financial disadvantage, Mr. Davidson works on contingency. This allows prospective clients to access Mr. Davidson’s services without added worry. To learn more about how Law Office Of Joel R Davidson can assist your with application or appeal of social security disability benefits, please contact the firm without delay. You will be offered a free, no-obligation consultation that will allow you to discuss your needs and concerns freely and confidentially.